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Teaching and learning

Every child matters every day.
Our staff are committed to ensuring that every child has every opportunity to learn and succeed and we believe that all students can be high achievers. Our high expectations apply in all areas from behaviour to learning and pride in bookwork.
We want all of our students to have the building blocks to learning, and this means that our focus in the early years is reading, writing, spelling and number.
Students participate in at least three warm ups every day to consolidate their learning and ensure automatic recall. Warm ups are fast paced revision sessions designed to move information and concepts from students' short termed memory to their long term memory. They are delivered to the whole class in a variety of formats including flash cards, chants, rhymes, games and songs. 
Using a research based teaching framework, all subjects are taught explicitly - the teacher teaches while students watch (I do), students and teacher practice skill together (we do) and then students practice individually while the teacher assists, gives feedback and provides differentiated instruction (you do).